February Wishlist

February is here! I feel like Spring is coming soon SO I decided to make an outfit wishlist from Zaful. If you don’t know this store, you definitely need to visit it online! I’m pretty sure you are gonna find some goodies to wear this next season.

The ruffle/wrap dress is coming back! I really like this design, it’s so easy to wear, kinda romantic and feminine *and* you can wear it with sneakers, boots, heels or mules!

About the fanny pack, I haven’t used one since I was like 7 years old and I really didn’t miss it too much BUT for a while now I’ve been trying to be more minimal and sometimes I just wanna carry the essentials with me. A fanny or funny pack is a good choice If you are looking to be hands-free and to carry only the essentials with you like; money, phone, and a lipstick.

Mules! Not all mules are pretty, some actually look kinda weird or very manly. But I found this pair and I think they really go with my style; black and with a silver chain. L O V E –

Wishlist Zaful

1. Removable Fanny Pack (fake leather)

2. Chain Mules 

3. Polka Dot Dress


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