Skincare & Hair Beach Essentials

You know what they say,. Everyone must know their beauty essentials. Well, I´m not sure If someone say that exactly but I DO. I do think we must have our own essentials for every occasion, like «Daily Essentials» or the «I´m going to the desert and ride a camel essentials,..» right? For this occasion I´m sharing my SKINCARE & HAIRCARE BEACH ESSENTIALS. Because I just came back from the beach and I´m going again this month, woohoo!

So, let´s start from literally the basics… HYGIENE. Yes ma´am you gotta pack a good toothpaste and a good deodorant. Unless you want to be smelling like you know what.. My picks are from Proyecto Botánico. They are made with natural ingredients like coconut oil and baking soda and they are miracle workers! No kidding, I´m in love.

Anette Morgan Vegan Mexican Blogger Beach Essentials

Next, let´s clean up our dirty pores so we can look like greek goddesses. I recommend the new line from Bioré that uses baking soda (yes baking soda is the new everything and I´ve been using it since I was like 7 yrs old). I love the makeup removing towelettes, they are not oily and they work pretty well. The baking soda pore cleaner works great, I use mine while I´m showering and my skin gets by with a little help from my friend; Pore Perfection cleaning disk (get yours at Sally Beauty Supply).

Anette Morgan Vegan Mexican Blogger Beach Essentials Anette Morgan Vegan Mexican Blogger Beach Essentials 6

I feel like everybody already knows LUSH, but If you don’t.. Girl you are missing out!… My picks? Everything. Literally. But today I’m recommending this citric bubbly shower gel that smells like you just got into Nirvana and found eternal peace. Oooommm.

Anette Morgan Vegan Mexican Blogger Beach Essentials

Ok, so all of your skin is super clean and fresh by now. WHAT NOW ? Sunscreen and Body Oil. *wink* Treat your skin right and she will reward you when you get old with less wrinkles than your neighbor. (besides, health!.. duh.) So, after putting sunscreen everywhere (I loved this one from Cetaphil), especially on your face and neck.. Now you can pamper it with this Jergens body luminizer and shine all day long like a Cullen vampire.

Anette Morgan Vegan Mexican Blogger Beach Essentials

Look prettier (if you want) using this cosmetics I really adore with all my face. All of them with beautiful and beneficial ingredients. (If you want to know more about them look for the product name on my search bar!)
My daily makeup is really natural. I like Ahal for my eye bags, the multipurpose peach tint for my lips or cheeks. ELF eyeshadow palette for a complete look & their black eyeliner. Ere Perez almond mascara and illuminator. And last but not least, Femme Couture perfect arch for my eyebrows.

Anette Morgan Vegan Mexican Blogger Beach Essentials 7

And for the final step before going out for a drink or a hot date,. HAIR ! If you don´t have naturally cool surfer hair, well then fake it with John Frieda sea salt spray, use it before your hair gets dry and don´t use too much. Less is cool. My other tip is; let some minutes pass and finish your hairstyle with Hask organ oil from sally beauty.

Anette Morgan Vegan Mexican Blogger Beach Essentials

That´s it for today, I hope you enjoyed my beach essentials. Have some product you want to recommend me? I´m all ears and eyes…


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