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Video Yoga at Home

Hola! He decidido abrir un canal en YouTube para poder compartir videos sobre Yoga y de todos los temas que me gustan. Les comparto…

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Yoga at Home Vol. II

Tengo la experiencia de haber practicado yoga en diferentes centros aquí en Monterrey, he aprendido mucho asistiendo a clases presenciales pero también he aprendido…

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Yoga At Home

Yoga. Some may say this is boring, others think that this doesn’t count as exercise, but some of us actually enjoy it. The thing is,…

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13 Things To Do This 2018

1. Watch a Sunrise and a Sunset 2. Drink MORE WATER. (Preferably take your own thermos/glass bottle with you) 3. Make your own juices &…

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Oh huh Honey Bee

I´ve only been in love with a swimsuit once, when I was about 6 years old. My family and I were on vacations on…

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