Vegan Kale Pasta

Kale yeah! – look at this vegan dish. I swear it tastes amazing AND it does a lot of good for your health. You are having some protein, iron, vitamin A, K, C, calcium and healthy fat. If you want to try it follow this instructions:

You’ll need:

– Penne Pasta (or your favorite kind)

– Nuts/Pecans (or sliced almonds if you prefer)

– Arugula

– Kale

– Your favorite seeds.

– Hummus (looooooove)

And guess what? Its super easy,.. Just cook the pasta on boiling water for around 10 minutes,. Meanwhile grab a bowl and serve some kale, arugula, nuts, seeds and wait for the pasta to come out. After that rinse the pasta in cold water, let it dry and mix it with 1-2 spoons of hummus (depending on how much pasta) and after that just add it to your salad, and ta-da!

Vegan dish for you 🙂

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